10″ CTO Carbon Filter including housing


This Refillable/reusable Carbon filter can be used as part of a HMA (Heavy Metal Axe) system, part of an RO system or as a standalone Chlorine and Chloramine removal filter.

Once this filter has exhausted simply unscrew the body from the head and replace the internal refill with AF-CTO10-REFILL.

This filter is often purchased with AF-MEMBRANE-50GPD, AF-MEMBRANE-400GPD, AF-MEMBRANE-600GPD, AF-SEDI20-FILTER, AF-SEDI20-REFILL, AF-AMCB0404, AF-14TUBING, AF-BRACKET and many other products you may require depending on your current set up.

Lifespan of 3-6 months dependant on application and water quality.

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Technical Data

Width: 130mm
Height: 318mm
Weight: 4KG packing weight
Maximum Pressure: 8 Bar
Burst Pressure: 32 Bar
Temperature 4-45 Degrees Celsius


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