Clear Refillable Cartridges for any media


Reusable/refillable custom clear filter housing capable of holding various medias such as carbon for chlorine removal, Nitrate resin for nitrate removal, De-min Resin for Demineralisation post RO.

Upon exhaustion of media simply unscrew and pour away exhausted media. Refill with new media, Screw cap back onto body and reinstall into your treatment process.
Very popular as a post filter when filled with AF-MB400-1L for producing 0ppm water for marine and tropical tankers to blend there perfect water specifications.

This Product Is regularly brought with AF-GACMEDIA-1KG, AF-MB400-1L, AF-A520E-1L.

Total treated water will depend on the media and application along water quality going into the filter. Feel free to contact us for more info.

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Technical Data

Maximum Temperature: 50 Degrees Celsius
Container and caps made of SAN
Joints made of PE
Sponge made of polyurethane
Capacity of the container: 0.6L


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